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    Heavy duty injectors remanufactured by Flight Diesel, a partner offering top notch heavy duty and medium duty products.

    We are offering remanufactured Cummins Celect fuel injectors for the N14 and M11 Engine. All injectors are thoroughly tested to assure optimum quality. The remanufacturing process involves a complete disassembly and ultrasonic cleaning. All mating surfaces are lapped and each injector features new nozzles, O-rings, screws, and gaskets. Completely disassembled and ultrasonically cleaned All mating surfaces lapped Nozzles extrude honed to factory flow specifications Each injector is individually tested on test benches with reliable delivery, response time, and peak injection pressures All injectors are air gauged for tip seat leakage, valve operation, plunger and barrel leakage, and timing plunger operation.

    Applications: Engines: N14-310E, N14-310
    Reference Numbers: 3411761, 2027, 2389, 3087807, EX631761
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    1 Year

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