• 6.7L Cummins ECM (2007) - FSR4945387
  • 6.7L Cummins ECM (2007) - FSR4945387
Please have the following information available for programming module:
  • Vehicle Year, Make, & Model
  • Transmission Type - Manual or Automatic
  • VIN
  • Valve Cover Reference Number
  • Injector "Trim Codes" (See Installation & Other info tab)
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    Remanufactured 6.7L Common Rail Cummins ISB Engine Control Module (ECM)

    • These units cover Light Duty and Medium Duty fleet vehicles, including Cummins powered Dodge trucks.
    • All ECM's are fully remanufactured, undergoing decasing, inspection, component reman, and tri-temperature tested under operating loads at thermal extremes.
    Applications: 2007.5 Dodge Ram Pickups - 6.7L Cummins Diesel
    Reference Numbers:4945387, 53041413AA, 53041412AA, 53041411AA, 53041410AA
    Core Return Required: Core is due
    Core Cost if not returned within 30 days:

    Injector Trim Codes

    • Trim Code - A unique 6 digit alphanumeric code assigned to each injector based on injector flow data at production. The trim codes allow the ECM to correctly balance injector performance by adjusting the signal to each injector.
    • Location (physical) - Injector Trim Codes can be found on the injector solenoid nut (See photo).
    • Location (ECM) - Injector Trim Codes can be found using OE or similar scan tool.

    No Trim Codes ? Don't worry there is an other option

    • For optimal performance it is recommended to have the correct trim codes programmed to the module. We can do this for you if you have the codes available at the time of purchase.
    • The best method to obtain your trim codes is to pull them from your current ECM with a capable scan tool. If this is not possible, you must remove the valve cover and manually record the trim code from each injector. It is likely that the valve cover gasket (with integrated wiring harness) will need to be replaced if the valve cover is removed.
    • If you do not provide trim codes at the time of purchase we will program the ECM with a generic code for each injector. This will allow you to install the ECM and run the vehicle without setting the check engine light. The generic trim code option is intended for temporary use only.

    • 1 Year
    • Unlimited Mileage