• New 100% Over-Stock Nozzle
  • New Coils
  • New OE Connector
  • 155cc Injector
  • Up to 70HP Gain
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    This is a Premium Remanufactured 6.0L Ford Power Stroke Performance Injector.

    • These injectors offer increased horsepower and torque compared to stock injectors.
    • Our injector is a Stock Intensifier body with no other modifications except a new nozzle rated 100% over stock fuel flow. This allows the fuel chamber to empty more quickly during an injection event.
    • Fuel pressure must be 65psi MINIMUM.
    • Custom Tuning is recommended for optimal performance.
    • Adding an upgraded fuel supply pump is also recommended.
    2003-2007 FORD / NAVISTAR / INTERNATIONAL F-SERIES PICKUPS, E-SERIES VANS, EXCURSION, LCF, VT365, VT275, MAXXFORCE 5 POWERSTROKE DIESEL 6.OL, 4.5L 3C3Z9E527EBRM-P, 4C3Z9E527AA-P, 1843089C91, 1844751C2 3C3Z9E527EARM, 3C3Z9E527AE, 3C3Z9E527ABRM, 3C3Z9E527ECRM, 4C3Z9E527BRM, 1843481C95, 1845879C91, 1878282C91, 1845150C92, 1846692C92, 1877748C1,

    1878284C91, 1878285C91, 1879998C91


    The purchase of this part includes a separate core charge. While we would appreciate getting the return back as soon as possible, you have 12 months to return the core for a refund. You will no longer be eligible to return the core, or receive a refund, after 1 year from your original purchase. Please see our core policy or contact us with any questions.

    O-rings and combustion seal come with every injector.

    We highly recommend the Ball Tube Repair Kit when replacing a 6.0L injector. The Ball Tubes develop hairline fractures that allow high pressure oil to erode the D-ring at the top of the injector. This is by far the most common cause of premature injector failure.

    During installation, be sure of the following:

    • The combustion seal (copper washer) is present and installed properly with every injector
    • The injector is torqued to proper specifications - Please see the service manual
    • The engine oil is clean and at proper levels
    • The fuel supply is free of contamination, water, and air
    • The fuel pressure is at proper levels
    • The injector sleeve is clean and damage free
    • That the injector top is filled with clean engine oil prior to rail installation
    • The oil rail ball tubes are damage free (burrs, nicks, hair-line fractures)
    • The oil rail ball tubes are centered and properly aligned

    • 6 Month
    • Unlimited Mileage