• Brand New
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Re-engineered design for significantly improved performance
  • Lifetime Warranty

Included in the box:

  • 1 New PMD
  • 4 New Mounting Screws
  • 1 New Heat Transfer Pad
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    This is a NEW Pump Mounted Driver (PMD) that mounts to the 6.5L DS pump.

    • This model is redesigned, with significant improvement from the OE design.
    • The changes addressed the common problems that caused the original design to fail.
    • The new design does not require relocating due to the engineering improvements.
    • Mounting screws and a heat pad are included with your purchase, however, this unit does not come with a calibration resistor.
    • Those can also be purcahsed on our site or you can reuse your existing one.

    Also, please take note that there are two different connector styles for PMD's. If you have the connector with the square tabs, we recommend purchasing the OE PMD harness available on our site to use with this PMD.

    Applications: 1994-2000 GM GMC and Chevrolet 6.5L
    Reference Numbers: 19209057

    *No Core on New Parts

    Our PMD comes with four mounting screws; two short and two long.

    • All screws must be tightened to a torque specification of 20 inch pounds. Be sure to place the included mounting gasket between the pump mounting surface and the PMD.

    There are two different styles of connectors for the PMD, one with square tabs on the sides, and one with rounded corners. Ours have the rounded corners. Most grey PMD's have the square tabs, and if you are replacing a grey PMD, then we recommend purchasing a new harness. Feel free to contact us for other options.

    Lifetime Warranty