Navistar G2.9 Injector DT466
  • Navistar G2.9 Injector DT466
  • Navistar G2.9 Injector DT466
  • Navistar G2.9 Injector DT466
  • Navistar G2.9 Injector DT466
  • Navistar G2.9 Injector DT466
  • Navistar G2.9 Injector DT466
  • Navistar G2.9 Injector DT466
  • Navistar G2.9 Injector DT466
  • New Nozzles
  • New Coils
  • New Electrical Connector
  • New Spool Valve

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    Premium Remanufactured Navistar G2.9 Fuel Injectors.

    • These are fully disassembled and precision cleaned.
    • Components are re-certified to OE specifications.
    • Each injector is processed keeping all components together to minimize part fit variation and maintain original performance.
    • Every injector is assembled with New Coils, New Connectors and a New Nozzle to ensure the highest quality and reliability.
    • Every injector is tested to ensure fuel flow meets precise specifications on the latest equipment in the aftermarket.
    Applications: Navistar/International 2010-2014 Maxx Force 9/10: 300-330 HP, 310-350HP, 2015 N9, N10
    Reference Numbers: 1890057C92, 1890058C2, AP66958


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    O-rings and combustion seal come with every injector.

    We highly recommend the Navistar Oil Rail Seal Kit when replacing injectors.

    During installation, be sure of the following:

    • Follow manufacturer installation procedure and torque specifications.
    • Replace oil rail seals and back up rings included in the Oil Rail Seal Kit (sold separately). Follow kit instructions to select correct size.
    • Thoroughly clean and inspect injector cups.
    • Verify combustion seals are installed on new injectors and the old combustion seals were removed with previous injectors.
    • Flush and inspect fuel supply system. Verify cleanliness and quality of fuel. Replace fuel filter.
    • Clean and inspect oil supply system. Replace engine oil and filter.
    • Lubricate Injector O-rings with clean engine oil.
    • Blow out oil from threaded holes prior to installing injector hold down bolts.
    • Verify correct fuel pressure after injector installation.
    • Valve Cover Gasket replacement is recommended. The valve cover gasket has integrated circuits for injectors and ICP sensor, and failures from “Oil Wicking” are common.Injector circuit codes and misfires under load are commonly caused by poor connections at the valve cover gasket. Use the latest design with improved electrical locks to avoid this issue.
    • 2 Year
    • Unlimited Mileage