Core Criteria

Core Returns

Each core return must include a packing list with details including the Flight Diesel part number and quantities of each. Product can be mixed on the same skids but each box should only contain the same part numbers and marked with quantities. Each box or container must be clearly marked “Core Return” on the packing slip as well as the box itself. Cores must be returned to our Core Warehouse at: 509 Industrial Drive, Lewisberry, PA 17339. Cores must be packaged in suitable containers or original packaging to avoid damage during shipping. Critical components must be protected as in encoder sensors and nozzle tips to prevent damage. Flight Diesel reserves the right to return to the sender units damaged in shipment due to improper or inadequate boxing.

Core Criteria

  • All cores must be complete and in “off engine conditions”. Parts can not be partial or disassembled 
  • All cores must be in repairable condition
  • All cores must not show signs of fire damage, completely rusted exterior/internal components
  • All cores can not be seized or damaged by external force
  • All New Manufactured Parts do not require a core return.
  • All other items will need to be returned on a like for like part number basis. Exceptions could apply but need authorization prior to that transaction.

Core Reimbursements

Flight Diesel cores are currently due within the specified deadlines from the price list at customer’s expense (refer to current price sheet for any updates). Customer is responsible for providing the direction as to the application of core credits. This can be done through the normal payment remittance process. Delinquent core accounts could jeopardize future shipments of products. Flight Diesel reserves the right to limit any excessive core returns that exceed purchases.

Core Deposits will “sunset: from Flight Diesel after 12 months from the time of sale. Any core not returned within 12 months from date of sale will no longer be eligible for return.

Core Warehouse Address

Flight Systems Core Warehouse


509 Industrial Drive

Lewisberry, PA 17339

Terms and Conditions

1. Flight Diesel reserves the right to deny credit based on the above criteria. All unacceptable core will be disposed of or returned at the distributor cost.

2. Flight Diesel, with discretion and communication to the customer, could also consider offering a partial credit based on the criteria exceptions.

3. Any discrepancies or disputes pertaining to core returns must be handled within 60 days. Any discrepancies or disputes after 60 days will not be reconciled.