• GM 6.5L Fuel Injection Pump (1994-2000) - AMPUMP
  • GM 6.5L Fuel Injection Pump (1994-2000) - AMPUMP
  • GM 6.5L Fuel Injection Pump (1994-2000) - AMPUMP
  • GM 6.5L Fuel Injection Pump (1994-2000) - AMPUMP
  • 100% Remanufactured Optical Sensor w/new PCB and components
  • 100% Brand New PMD and harness with pump
  • All DS Pumps are fully tested and calibrated to OE spec
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    Item #: AMPUMP

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    This is a remanufactured GM DS 6.5L Fuel Injection Pump. These pumps go through a thorough remanufacturing process and reassembled to OE specifications. Components are completely cleaned, inspected, and tested. Worn or damaged components are replaced with new to ensure maximum quality and longevity. All of our remanufactured 6.5L pumps include a brand new Flight Systems PMD and wiring harness. These PMD's have been reengineered to be more reliable than previous Stanadyne models. Pumps are also quality inspected and tested to OE specifications to ensure that your vehicle gets back on the road as soon as possible.

    The encoder sensors are 100% reworked due to the age of the vehicle population and core. This rework addresses cold solder joints that cause latent or intermittent failures. A stand-alone test is then performed on each encoder, ensuring a signal quality above the industry standard. It is also tested after full assembly.

    Applications: 1994-2000 GM 6.5L
    Reference Numbers: DS4-5288, 5459, 5521, 5942, 10238969, 12552621, 12561307, 17800077, 12561405, 12558156, 17800114, 19208317, 19208315, 10225930


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    • Follow manufacturer installation procedure and torque specifications.
    • Replace fuel filter.
    • Flush and inspect fuel supply system.
    • Flush and inspect high pressure fuel lines.
    • Lubricate O-rings with clean engine oil.
    • 1 Year
    • Unlimited Milage