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    Heavy duty turbochargers remanufactured by Flight Diesel, a partner offering top notch heavy duty and medium duty products.

    We have applied our comprehensive turbocharger remanufacturing process to the Detroit Diesel VNT Series 60 Turbocharger. Experienced turbocharger technicians disassemble each turbocharger and route the components through several cleaning processes and inspections. All critical components are recertified or replaced with new components. Individual rotating wheel assemblies are low speed balanced first. The complete cartridge assemblies are then final tested on a high speed balancer in speeds in excess of 60,000 RPM. The VNT vane/actuator is calibrated for all final assemblies.

    Our offering covers all Series 60 "on-highway" applications from 2004 to 2007.

    758204-9007: (Detroit Diesel Part# R23534361) 14.0L Series 60

    758204-9006: (Detroit Diesel Part# R23534360) 12.7L Series 60

    Applications: Detroit Diesel Series 60 12.7L
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