Flight Diesel Warranty Policy

Limited Warranty Policy

Flight Diesel products are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship in accordance with the following:

The warranty coverage commences on the date of product installation. Flight Diesel warrants that it will credit or replace, free of charge, any product that proves to be defective in material or workmanship and which is within the warranty period below. Flight Diesel is not responsible for additional or consequential costs associated with the diagnosis, removal, and/or installation of the warranty claim.

Warranty Coverage

The Flight Diesel Limited Warranty COVERS and therefore INCLUDES:

  • Defective parts in workmanship and material
  • 24-months and unlimited miles/kilometers on installed parts after commencement of part warranty period for any GOLD Series Injectors (5.9L, 6.0L, 6.4L, 6.6L, 6.7L, 7.3L, G2.9, B-Series, and Performance Common Rail)
  • 12-months and unlimited miles/kilometers on installed parts after commencement of part warranty period for all other Flight Diesel Products
  • 6-months and unlimited miles/kilometers on installed parts after commencement of part warranty period for Perforamnce 6.0L & 7.3L Power Stroke Injectors
  • Lifetime Warranty on Pump Mounted Driver (PMD)

Warranty Exclusions

The Flight Diesel Limited Warranty DOES NOT COVER and therefore EXCLUDES:

  • Labor costs incurred in diagnosis of defects or any other consequential costs with the exception of 6.0L (G2.8) Powerstroke Injectors. See Form 11487 Labor Policy
  • Failures caused by fuel or oil contamination, fire damage, misuse, negligence, modification, abuse, improper application, installation or operation
  • Failures caused by unauthorized service or use of unauthorized parts


  • A Return Authorization Number (RAN) must be obtained from the Flight Diesel Quality Department.
  • A Warranty Claim Form must be filled completely to process the claim. The claim form can be found and submitted on www.flightdiesel.net under Warranty Claim Form or emailed directly to you
  • Products must be returned in original packaging to avoid damage
  • Proper documentation and identification must be included with the shipment. This includes any troubleshooting documents and a copy of the warranty claim form. Shipments received without proper documentation or NOT labeled as Warranty with the RAN# risk being received as core and cannot be reversed
  • Once all requirements are met, warranty claims may be sent to:

a.Email: flightdieselwarranty@fseg.net

b.Phone: 717.932.7000 ext. 1264

c.Fax: 717.932.7001 | ATTN: Quality

Flight Diesel Quality Dept.

RAN: ######

505 Fishing Creek Road

Lewisberry, PA 17339

Terms and Conditions

  • Under no circumstances will Flight Diesel be responsible for any incidental or consequential damages which may result from the breach of any expressed or implied warranty, including any liability for loss of use or diminished values
  • Flight Diesel reserves the right to alter or modify this policy at any time. Customer notification will occur prior to implementation
  • Any warranty electronic modules that require VIN specific programming can be handled directly through Flight Diesel

Effective Jan. 1 2018 Form: 11486 Rev: B

*All parts requested to be replaced by the end user, prior to the start of the Flight Diesel Warranty Policy process will be the responsibility of the Distributor/Customer